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 30th Apr 2018
Personal message from captain Windbound Exiles...
I would like to say a fond farewell to everyone in the league. After almost 25 years captaining the Windbound Exiles it's time for me to hang up my hat. I've met many great people over the years and although we didn't win them all, every game was great fun. Wishing everyone the very best for the future.
~ Bob Wilson
 17th Apr 2018
Under-23s Singles Competition
To be held at Slimbridge RBL on Sunday 13th May at 8pm. Entries to Steve Tilley.
 12th Apr 2018
Open Singles Competition
The competition was held at Slimbridge RBL on 8th April 2018. Just a total of 23 people entered this year.
Following some close games, the semi-finals lined up with Nathan Vines (Bridgetown) vs Andy Thorne (Fusiliers). The second semi-final was an all Loungers affair with Dick Vizard taking on Gareth Langdon. Both semis were close with Nathan getting the better of Andy by 59 to 55. The second semi was even closer with Dick beating Gareth 64 to 62.
The final was played on Alley 1 with Nathan bowling first. After 4 legs Nathan had a lead of 2. The following 4 legs were all close with Dick only able to pull back one pin. The scores were Nathan 8,8,7,4,6,7,5,8 total 53. Dick 5,4,8,8,6,7,6,8 total 52. Congratulations to this year's winner Nathan Vines.
One score of note during the evening was the tie between Tim Thorne (Fusiliers) and Mike Davis (Loungers). Tim had the upper hand for the most part. On the last of the 6 legs, Mike was a fair way behind Tim when he went onto bowl. He had a first ball flattener giving him the spare he needed. He converted it in style with an 18 spare.
Our thanks go to Jim, staff and the stickers at Slimbridge RBL for their hospitality.
 26th Mar 2018
Knockouts - Semi-finals and Finals
All-in Cup semi-finals - Tue 1st May
Front-pin Knockout semi-finals - Wed 2nd May
Both finals - Fri 4th May
All to be played at Slimbridge RBL
 26th Mar 2018
Charity Collection Scheme
Charity collections should be forwarded to Owen Simpson ASAP please.
 14th Mar 2018
Mixed Pairs Competitions
29 mixed pairs finally took to the alleys, over two weekends with representatives from 15 teams taking part. With last year's winners getting knocked out in the early rounds, the competition was open and fiercely contested. In many of the games - including the final - the males were outscored by the females. This was also the case in relation to spares with the ladies again outperforming the men by almost 2 to 1, gaining 13 spares to the men's 7.
After two closely fought quarter finals John Handley and Sue Coole (Persuaders) took to alley 2 against Alan and Jenny Lovell (Bangers), while Gilly Stook (Hopefuls) and Dave Morse (Morse Codes) stepped up to alley 1 taking on Lloyd Pennington and Alison Dunne (Moscow Dynamos). After 8 legs John and Sue came out on top with a score of 113 over Alan and Jenny's 100 with the second, very close run game saw Lloyd and Alison pipped at the post by Gilly and Dave with just one pin in it.
The final game of the competition was equally contested, until Sue scored her third spare of the night which neither Gilly nor Dave could match. Sue and John finally triumphed 114 over Gilly and Dave's 108.
Thanks go to Slimbridge RBL, to the stickers for their hard work and to all the competitors for their support. It would be great to see more entrants next season and would urge everyone to consider giving it a go.
 11th Mar 2018
Could all trophies be returned (cleaned!) to Pat Day (or any committee member) ASAP please.
 1st Mar 2018
 26th Feb 2018
Front-Pin Knockout
Quarter finals draw has been made for the remaining 8 teams. Ties to be played by Sunday 15th April.
 12th Feb 2018
All-in Cup
Quarter finals draw has been made for the remaining 8 teams in the competition. Ties to be played by Sunday 18th March.
 29th Jan 2018
Open Pairs Competition
25 pairs entered this years competition with many games being decided by just 2 pins.
In the quarter finals Roger Atkinson and Steve Perrett (Oddbods) beat Elaine Moulder and Gilly Stook (Hopefuls); Steve Brown and Paul Newman had to play 3 extra legs to beat Ian Wherrett and Steve Collard; Linzi Moulder and Mo McIntyre (Hopefuls) beat Alan Brain and Geoff Williams (Warriors); Andy and Chris Thorne (Fusilliers) beat Sam Tarr and Nigel Winfield (Persuaders).
In the final Roger and Steve played Andy and Chris - after both the 4th and 6th legs, the scores were all square and along the way, Steve had a flattener and scored a 14 spare. The match ended with Roger and Steve beating Andy and Chris in a very close match by 106 pins to 104.
A huge thank you to Slimbridge RBL for hosting the event and to the staff and stickers.
 15th Jan 2018
Front-Pin Knockout
3rd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 25th February.
 15th Jan 2018
Division 5
Vixens have moved home alley to the Malt House.
 4th Dec 2017
All-In Cup
3rd Round draw has been made for the remaining 16 teams in the competition. Ties to be played by Sunday 4th February.
 1st Dec 2017
Division 1
TMFASN have withdrawn from the league. Per Rule 19, all results against TMFASN are now void.
 23rd Nov 2017
Open Pairs Competition
Please note that the competition will be played over two weekends:
Saturday 27th January, Sunday 28th January, Sunday 3rd February, Sunday 4th February 2018 at Slimbridge RBL.
Entrants to Gilly Stook.
 20th Nov 2017
Ladies Singles Competition
A disappointing number of entrants entered this years Ladies Singles Competition, 22 in total representing teams from Chaos, Casuals, Hopefuls, Lassies, Loungers, Persuaders, Rockhampton Rams and the Titbits.
Once again there were many close matches with 3 or 4 pins between them. In the quarter finals we had a mother v daughter match with Linzi Moulder (Hopefuls) beating her mother Elaine (Hopefuls) to go into the semi finals. The semi finals had two very close matches Sue Coole (Persuaders) beat Linzi 45 to 44 and the other semi final Trudy Barnfield (Persuaders) beat Chris Andrews (Titbits) 47 to 46.
What a thrilling final with Sue having 2 x 14 spares and Trudy 2 x 13 spares with eventually Sue becoming the winner 73 to 63 over 8 legs.
A huge thanks to Jim, the stickers and Slimbridge LSC for hosting the event.
 6th Nov 2017
Front-Pin Knockout
2nd round draw has been made - this includes all teams which received a bye in the 1st round. Ties to be played by Sunday 14th January.
 6th Nov 2017
Division 5
Munch Bunch have moved home alley to the Buthay Inn, Wickwar on the same Tuesday night.
Fixture lists here on the website have been updated accordingly.
 31st Oct 2017
All-In Cup
2nd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 26th November.
 17th Oct 2017
Mixed Pairs Competitions
Dates are in the diary with the competition running for four Sundays from 25th February 2018.
Please forward entrants names to Kath Clements or phone on 07710 714811 / 01453 810595
 9th Oct 2017
Front-Pin Knockout
1st round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 5th November.
All other teams in the competition have a bye into the 2nd round.
 1st Oct 2017
Division 4
Pamdemonium have moved home alley to the Tudor Arms on a Monday night.
Fixture lists here on the website have been updated accordingly.
 19th Sep 2017
All-In Cup
1st round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 22nd October.
 12th Sep 2017
Ladies Singles Competition
Please note that the competition will be played over one weekend:
Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th November 2017 at Slimbridge RBL.
Entrants to Gilly Stook.
 4th Sep 2017
Rearranging Games
Captains, please familiarise yourselves with Rule 11:
First half cancelled games should be played as soon as possible and before the second half starts
 21st Aug 2017
Division 5
Fixtures have been updated to include Not the Double Ds (missed out when fixtures initially published).
There are now no "byes" in Division 5.
 9th Aug 2017
Season 2017/18
League has been condensed to 6 divisions.
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