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 21st Mar 2017
Could all trophies be returned (cleaned!) to Pat Day (or any committee member) ASAP please/
 5th May 2017
Open Singles Competition
The competition was once again held at Slimbridge RBL. After some close games, the semi-final line up was Keith Rugman (Fusiliers) against Sam Tarr (Persuaders) and Jim Williams (Rebels) against Lloyd Pennington (Moscow Dynamos). Sam came out victorious over Keith by 9 pins 59-50 and the second semi-final was a closer affair with Jim coming out top 52-50.
In the final, Sam won the toss and chose to bowl first with Jim choosing Alley 1 to play the final on. Sam set the game off with a 7 and Jim replied with a 5. Sam then went on to score four straight 8s giving her 39 after 5 legs. Jim replied with two 9s, an 8 and a 6 giving him 37. Sam then scored 6 and 5 giving her 50 after 7 legs. Jim also scored a 6 and 5 giving him 48 leaving a 2 pin difference. It was all down to a one-leg shoot out with Jim needing to score 2 pins more than Sam to force an extra leg. Sam went on and with her second ball cleared the alley for a spare. Her third ball just brushed one pin giving her a 10 spare. Jim now knew what he needed to do, but unfortunately only managed to reply with a 5 leaving Sam with a 7 pin victory.
Congratulations to Sam Tarr a well-deserved win with her consistent scoring through the competition and adds this trophy to her Open Pairs success. Our thanks to Jim and his staff at Slimbridge RBL and to the stickers for hosting us.
 29th Apr 2017
Cup Semi-finals
Draws for the semi-finals of the All-in Cup (on Wed 3rd May) and Front-Pin Knockout (on Thu 4th May) will take place at 8.20pm.
 28th Apr 2017
2017/18 Season
Registration forms are now available to download. If any team is not going to register for next season, kindly advise the Secretary before the AGM on 14th June (ideally asap).
 10th Apr 2017
Cancelled games
Please note you have only two weeks after the end of the season to play any cancelled games otherwise you will have points deducted next season. If you are the home side make sure you offer two dates for the away team to choose from. If your home alley is unavailable you must play on another alley. If you are the away side you must reply within a week as to which date you prefer. If you are the away side and you haven't been contacted please contact the home side as soon as possible. Please read rules 11 and 12.
 4th Apr 2017
Under-23s Singles Competition
The final held at Slimbridge RBL proved to be a very close affair.
Jack Smith (Warriors) started strongly against his less experienced opponent Jordan Ellis (Slimbridge LSC). However Jordan stuck to the task and on the last ball of the last leg had the chance to win the title. The ball missed and the match was tied and the game went into extra legs. Jack kept his nerve the better and won the match in the first extra leg.
 22nd Mar 2017
Open Pairs Competition
As expected another exciting competition with many close matches.
In the last 16, Charlie Mould and Mark Smith (Avengers) had to play 2 extra legs to beat Matt Sayburn and Ryan Poolton (Happy Shambles) 106/103.
In the first semi-final Charlie and Mark beat Jack and Dave Smith (Warriors) 111/106 and in the other semi-final Sam Tarr and Nigel Winfield (Persuaders) beat Roger Atkinson and Steve Perrett (Oddbods) 112/110.
In the final with Nigel getting a flattener scoring 17 - Sam/Nigel beat Charlie/Mark 125/98.
Sam Tarr and Nigel Winfield (Persuaders) have done the double as they won this competition last year.
Huge thank you to the staff and stickers at Slimbridge RBL for hosting this event.
 28th Feb 2017
All-In Cup
Quarter Finals draw has been made for the remaining 8 teams in the competition. Ties to be played by Sunday 23rd April.
 13th Feb 2017
Knockouts - Semi-finals and Finals
All-in Cup semi-finals - Wed 3rd May
Front-pin Knockout semi-finals - Fri 24th April
Both finals - Thu 11th May
All to be played at Slimbridge RBL
 6th Feb 2017
Open Singles Competition
Dates now in the diary - competition will start on Sunday 23rd April at Slimbridge RBL. Entrants need to register with Gareth Langdon on 01454 260007 or via email to g.langdon@sky.com
 30th Jan 2017
Front-pin Knockout
Quarter Finals draw has been made for the remaining 8 teams in the competition. Ties to be played by Sunday 19th March.
 12th Dec 2016
Front-Pin Knockout
3rd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 29th January.
 26th Nov 2016
Mixed and Open Pairs Competitions
Dates are now in the diary.
Please forward entrants names to the relevant competition organiser by Saturday 17th December.
- for Open Pairs, please contact Gilly Stook
- for Mixed Pairs, please contact Kath Clements
 21st Nov 2016
All-In Cup
2nd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 8th January.
 21st Nov 2016
Ladies Singles Competition
16 ladies entered the competition held at Slimbridge RBL. The first round was a very close affair with only Claire Mercer getting a spare of 15. Claire with 17 and Sue Coole with 14 were the only spares in the second round. The semi-finalists were Trudi Barnfield (Persuaders) against Sue Coole (Persuaders) with Sue having 10 spare and Heather Brookes (Persuaders) against Claire Mercer (Casual) with Heather having 11 and 15 spares.
In the final, Heather beat Sue by 52 to 46.
A huge thank you goes to Jim, the staff and the stickers at Slimbridge RBL for hosting the event and to ALL the ladies who made the competition such an enjoyable event.
Please note that this is the last time that Gilly will be running this competition - if someone would like to take over, please advise Gilly before the AGM next year.
 10th Oct 2016
Front-Pin Knockout
2nd round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 6th November.
 17th Sep 2016
Divisions 1 2 3
Captains - please note:
- Keith Driver is now your secretary :)
- per Rule 10, you MUST notify your results secretary of cancelled games
 13th Sep 2016
Division 5
4.20 have withdrawn from the league.
 31st Aug 2016
Front-Pin Knockout
1st round draw has been made. Ties to be played by Sunday 2nd October.
All other teams in the competition have a bye.
 24th Aug 2016
2016/17 League Structure
It will be observed that the league has seen a harsh reorganisation in order to ensure there are 14 teams in each division for the coming season. This will mean that for the first time,there will be two 'byes' in all divisions. The fixture secretary is sorry to have to take this action - with many teams experiencing unexpected relegation; however this was the only fair way to ensure that all seven divisions have as much winter skittles as possible.

Competition Fees
The committee has decided that there will be no entry fee to individual competitions this year. A 'tip box' will be in place for skittlers to place monies on the night to cover the cost of the stickers only.

League and Competition Winners/Runners-up
The committee has decided that for the season 2016 /17, cash prizes only - will be awarded for all league and cup competitions. Individual (Including U23), mixed and open pair winners and runners up, will be given the option to have either personalised trophies or a monetary value. All prizes will be given out before prior to commencement of the Annual General Meeting.
 21st Aug 2016
Division 6
Untouchables have withdrawn from the league.
 1st Aug 2016
Minutes from AGM held on 15th June 2016 are now available.
Treasurer has received a letter of thanks from Longfield for the £1174 donation as a result of the Charity Collection Scheme.
 27th Jul 2016
Division 2
Lurkos will not be registering a team for the forthcoming season.
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